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baby is this love for real?

let me in your arms to feel.

br1tt . . . w3rd
19 December
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im a loser baby, so why dont you kill me.

i wouldn't want to be stupid
with any one other than you.

b e s t e s t e s t f r i e n d s f o ' s h o .

gangstas fo life nuccas.
we <3 you too ka$h m0n3y k311!

breakdance on the ootside <3

me and my sisser <3

♥...beautiful baby blue sky thats looking
up at you, until it fades away...♥

She said she'd like it to snow
The same way it did in upstate New York
He never liked it that cold
And she said, and she said
I never want to go home
Massachusetts, Michigan, I don't know
Just as long as it's us
That's all that matters

"i know without a doubt that ill be standing there when you go down"

You know how when you were a kid, there was that bike that you wanted. And all year you'd been writing to Santa about it and telling your parents how much you wanted it. Then on Christmas morning when you came down the stairs it wasn't there. Well, take that pain, multiply by 50. Then just for kicks, add in getting stabbed in the heart. Because that's how I feel. I feel like all I do is tell all my friends how much I want you, and how much I need you. Then when it really matters most, you aren't there. Because we're just friends. That's all you want to be. And I can't have you, and i want you so bad that I literally sit awake at night imagining myself kissing you. Pathetic isn't it? Pathetic how much I want you, and I can't have you, yet I refuse to get over you.

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we drive tonight,
you are by my side.
We're talking about our lives,
like we've known each other forever.
the time flies by,
with the sound of your voice.
its close to paradise,
with the end surely near.
if i could only stop the car
and hold onto you,
and never let go...
i'll never let go.
as we round the corner
to your house
you turned to me and said,
"i'll be going through withdrawl of you for this one night we have spent."
and, i want to speak these words
but i guess i'll just bite my tongue,
and accept "someday, somehow"
as the words that we'll hang from.

and i... don't want to speak these words.
cause i, don't want to make things anyworse.

why does tonite, have to end?
why don't we hit restart,
and pause it at our favorite parts.
we'll skip the goodbyes.
if i had it my way,
i'd turn the car around and runaway,
just you and i.

and i... don't want to speak these words.
cause i,
don't want to make things anyworse.

You promised me starry night skies
They just remind me of your shining bright eyes
Im missing your voice at night time
This sepa-separation seem-seems a sad crime

Co&Ca = love.

come join..the___pretty!


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dane cook = L O V E
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