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baby is this love for real? [entries|friends|calendar]
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7:38pm June 22nd]
so yes, i havent written in here in like nearly three monthes. i remember when all i would do is sit and write on this. well here i go. summer has started. i no longer associate with chris risi. i talk to him every now and again. but only to be curtious and not ignore him, other than that, i couldnt give a fuck.

last night i went to jeffs and and then slept over kates house. so it was me tori & kate. we talked for a while in her living room then we went onto the computer. and then finally watched the notebook. it was such a cute movie. i honestly want to have a summer love that i end up with after all. the movie honestly had the best kiss scene of all time. i can just imagine being lucky enough to kiss some one in the rain during the heat of the moment.

i want a boy to run to me and tell me its not over. ahh love ♥. this morning i got up around 9:50, and waited for kevin. me and him walked all the way from wyndam hill to country oaks, and then split and i went to morgans. hes the best guy. i have never had a guy do that for me, and i doubt i ever will again. he's so sweet and i'm a pretty lucky girl considering he cares for me back.

he's simply darling.
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4:55pm April 11th]
so saturday i cleaned all morning. just so my dad would let me out. it worked. thank god. so i went and picked up hillary and then amy. then i had to run over troutts house to bring him his key and so risi could sign the prom papers. so we talked to them for a few, and then i drove down the road and ran in and saw dan. we talked for a few then i brought him out to introduce him to amy and hillary. and we had our kiss. and then me and the girls were off.

we went to fuddruckers for dinner. it was nice. we sat there ate, laughed, talked about porn. haha. after dinner we headed up to audobon to mrs tags show. all the bands played great sets. i had fun. after that our fat asses went to taco bell. and then we went to try to pick up risi, but we gave up trying to find ellwood or whatever road it is. so we went home and had some fun.

corrupted ashley, baked out my room, got flashed by amy like 293029830928 times. hahah.

the next day i woke up at 6 to take amy to work and ashley home. then me and hill came home and chilled. she cut my hair.

then i took her to georges and went to my cheer thing. then went to rite aid and got stuff. then i went back to pick up hillary. then i came home and dyed my hair. got a shower. and did nothing for the rest of the day. blah. but oh well. im really happy and content with my life right now. except me being invisible to my family.
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2:27pm March 31st]
wow, its seems like i never update any more. i dont know the whole writing a bunch of shit for no one to read is a waste.

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wow, its seems like i never update any more. i dont know the whole writing a bunch of shit for no one to read is a waste.

**<b><i><fontsize=3>comment, to let me know if you still wish to be on my friends list. i'll make an exception for my homegirrrls, and car clique, but the rest of you. no way jose, so comment or adios.</b></i></fontsize=3>**

ill start with last week, tuesday, march 22. after school, came home and did my homework, then decided to go out with risi. i went and picked him up. he flagged with down with a huge stuffed bunny. any way, we couldnt decide what to do. so we went to walmart played $5.50, i won. holler. umm so we just like walked around walmart, held hands, danced and such. we bought uno cards, and went to the castle park and played uno in my car. then we just parked my car by his house and kissed and cuddled. it was nice. he gave me his belt to wear. and i let him borrow my coheed hoodie. so then i took him home, came home, then packed a little, and then went to bed.

next day got picked early from school to come home and to pack some more, and then we went to myrtle beach. on the way down we stopped at some hotel and slept. it was crazy weird. but any way. we got down there around 11 ish. we tanned, then went over to the promenade, and such. got a new roxy bathing suit. loooove it. <3. umm that night we stayed home wrapped the girls hair, got smashed with morgan and eddie. i talked to risi on the phone.

next day, got up layed out with eddie morgan and lexi. went to the water park and such. went over to old navy at night. then to walmart. then home, morgan and eddie had practice, and i just sat around. risi called me later that night.

next day went to competition to see caitlyn, then to see morgan later that day. tanned some more. and then that night we went to hardrock cafe, and i got risi a present. the next day (sunday/easter) packed up and went to my uncle broncs, talked to risi on the way there, and we had some family time when i got there. that night had dinner, drank alot. i was like done by 11 oclock. i talked to risi for like 15 minutes, then i went to bed.

monday i woke up we took the ferry over to the aquarium. so awesome. i love marine biology. <3. i totally used me and aim's come back. so yea, tuesday i came home, and stayed over morgans tuesday night and last night. last night morgan had people over, we took nick brian and dan home. morgan got with brian like usual, and me and dan had our little thing. it was a good night. with out all the other gay drama. yea so gonna go get ready for tumbling peace.
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7:51am March 12th]
so last night. we decide to go to the hammonton rollaway. such a bad idea. the bands sucked. i didnt see win with flynn play cause i was just so sick of standing around. so before that i went to rich's house for like 10 minutes. hes lovely. hes so short, i love it. haha. so anyway after we left rich's house we went tyrone brian and umm mike i think? at the school and they followed me down to the place. we stood around messing around and such until like 10, and by then i was just like sick of standing there.

so we go to atco records, and wait for ty and them. i was so scared. then they roll up with lindz becca and myr. and im like yea, this is definitely pretty stupid. they wanted to fucking hang out inside that place at night, and it was raining, so i was like fuck this, and left. we went to wendy's and i have the guy at the window let me video tape him saying a kiss for corlis rocks. it was sweet. then we went to do the atco ghost thing, but all of the girls got scared so i turned around. ted and stan were like screaming at me.

so after that i took kate home first, then ted and stan, then ash. what a night. i was so tired, i ended up just passing out when i got home.

but now, im pretty fucking pissed, its like 8 in the morning. and my mom fucking woke me up and she took my fucking car. im pissed. im honestly about to drive up to my aunts and fucking donkey punch her. she has it in fucking camden for a cheerleading competition. i dont even know what time shes gonna be back. and i told ty id come to atco records with him today. uggggh fuck her. cunt.

oh yea, and it sucks i havent hung out with amy in like weeks. it seems like shes never in school, which al next week shell be doing the play, and such. and shes got a boyfriend. no time for me any more. it sucks. i need a boyfriend.
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9:54pm March 6th]
alright, so this morning i wake up. and me and lexi get ready. we go pick up ash and tori and go to the bank. then we go to wawa. then down to atco records to look for ty. haha. we couldnt find them so we were like playing phone tag with vito. he was getting so pissed. so we went to britt bellas house. then after that we went to rite aid, then to castle park. then we went to rob riches, then mc donalds. then to another castle park. after that we went to my aunt lynns, but before that we let rob pee in the woods. oh yea and we went to school six and played on the usa. it was fun. after that hrrm. we took rob to his house, and then we saw ted and kate and decided to pick them up and go to ashleys. david wouldnt let tori go out so we had to wait until she got picked up then me lexi ash kate and ted went to the moorestown mall for a little to look for ty, haha. and then we went to target. then after that i returned all three of my little buddies to their homes, and then me and lexi came hom. yaaay. picture time lolomofo's.

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10:07am March 5th]
alright so this week has been boring. i hate it that i never update my journal any more. fucking myspace. so any way, hspa's this week. they were stupid. cheerleading this week that was stupid aswell. no field hockey *single tear*. But, wednesday after school me and aim stayed after to talk to ms mack, then we went to daves band practice. we stopped at mcdonalds for food and SHAMROCK SHAKES!!! so they we went to his band practice, it was pretty boring. got to meet dave. hes a lot different in person than on line or whatever. but i dont care.

so yea, last night was stephs party, it was fun fun fun. dave didn't come until like 10, so we only cuddled for a bit. i had a crazy time with my girls tori liz steph ash caitlin lindz & & lexi. i loveeee themmmmm, they rock my world.

so when i was leaving steph walked us out to my car, and then when i was about to start it up i see dave and carl running out. dave gave lexi a hug goodbye and carl was like no, shes on the other side! lol. i felt special. so dave came around gave me a hug, and we had our first kiss<3. ahh im such a geek, so shoot me. so i came home, got my pjs and a hoodie on and i layed on the couch and watched csi for about 3.00034 minutes. cause i definitely passed out really quick.

so today i dont know whats going on, stephs mom told i should stop by today to see dave. i love her shes soooooo cool. steph was telling me she was like dave should ask her out! if he doesnt hes crazy shes so pretty! that was a self asteem boost for me.

im boy crazy. blahhhh.

oh yes &&& HAPPY 500TH ENTRY LJ. still going strong after almost two or three years. haha.

8:28pm February 27th]
"..you play me like a record, over and over again.."

  • Friday we have a delayed opening. An extra hour of sleep, you gotta love it. So went to school it was boring, but classes were really short so that was good! I went to wills lunch. It was kind of akward, cause I dont know why. After school came home sat around for a bit. Talked to will about us.Whatever us was, but whatever. Then i went over and picked up sean, then eddie went to get eddie a new cell phone. After like an hour we went back to eddies and watched dazed and confused. Kissing him felt so good. It felt like i hadnt done that in forever. I love making out.
  • Saturday I woke up got ready and went job searching. Went and applied at blockbuster and applebees, and i went all the way to trader joes too. But, they dont do applications on weekends. Blah. After that me and lexi went to eat at taco bell. then went to the mart and walked around. so later that night i took her to her friends, and then i went over steves for like a half hour to have a under the stars talk session. I picked up lexi around 10 then i took her home then went up morgans for the night.
  • This morning me and morgan woke up and decided to go out to breakfast. we went and got dan, but brian wouldnt come out so we were like whatever. we went to the whitman diner. it was so funny. dan made me eat this gross stuff that had like everything on it. i couldnt get it down, and eventually just puked on the plate. it was so gross. so after breakfast we went down this dirt road and acted like we were going to this chicks house and we all got out. and then me and morgan jumped back in and locked dan out, we were gonna leave him but i felt bad since he was like clawing at my window. so we took him home and then went back to her house and brian and some kid came over and then they left cause we said brian looked like a skeech. so i came home got a shower did nothing. blah, i dont even know what to do. im so confused with stuff.
I started talking to the guy dave amys been trying to hook me up with. hes awesome <3. but other than that lifes grand. im going to their band practice wednesday with amy. should be fun. i cant wait. <3
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8:23pm February 25th]

s-s-s-survey.Collapse )

10:50pm February 24th]
i have no luck with love.

i like will, he likes me.

why doesnt this work!?&^%


9:37pm February 22nd]
the aals: as long as you can trust me im always here to talk to
birtasaurus rex: i trust you, your my alladin haha
the aals: hahaha
the aals: i could show you the...nevermind
birtasaurus rex: lol tell me!
the aals: world
the aals: haha
birtasaurus rex: hahaha
the aals: its not funny because you didnt get it the first time haha

5:14pm February 22nd]
saturday i went to ginas.

i went to walmart aswell.

sunday when to nicoles, then went to the movies with kel and gi.

slept over kellys sunday night.

went dress shopping monday.

11:16am February 19th]
so last night nothing really happened. i went up to morgans for a few hours, we went to wawa and stopped at troutt & dan's house. then just went back to her house and watch these funny videos. after that i came home and me and bug ran to murphys and got pizza from gallery and milk and something else i forget. umm, after dinner i talked online for a bit then i made plans with devon. so me and lexi went over and shot some pool with him for a bit. me and him totally kicked lexi and romans ass.

last night i had a dream about dave moving. i woke up crying. i raelly dont want him to move in with his mom. im never gonna see him any more. =O/

8:39pm February 16th]
i scored two goals tonight, for dave<3
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2:51pm February 16th]
today jackson had the po-po come and give all the juniors and seniors who dont have a parking spot or sticker a red sticker stating they'll be towed. i didnt get one thank goooddddd.

so yes, tomorrow i shall stay after and then go to the mall with lexi and amy. holla, aim's my bo0.

and tonight, another indoor game. should be interesting. hopefully we'll kick ass.

3:08pm February 15th]
ah, i like dave. and, for the first time in a while i'm happy.
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5:16pm February 14th]
[ mood | good ]

today was vd. i got to drive to school =D

wasn't too happy, i guess. me and amy were gonna go to taco bell during fourth but the whole getting caught deal kinda scared us. so i went to the auditorium, and chilled with aim and lori. the rest of the school day was boring. i moved my blazer up after school and brought mr adair and mrs nagy their cookie dough and pizza kit. umm saw alec when i was walking in so i went back out to my car with him and got him his card. he loved it, i know he did.

oh yes highlight of my day, dave got me something. i was so happy. i didnt think he liked me, but apparently he does. and im pretty happy about it.

i only work an hour today, pretty cool. i was pretty tired.

afterwards we went and ate chinese. i swear this whole liscence thing is gonna make me fat fo serious.

wednesday or thursday me and amy are gonna go get our tickets for the head automatica show. i dont know if we decided whether we are gonna let mike and doug go. i frankly dont care really.

whoa now, im tired.

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12:31am February 13th]
today kicked ass.

hung out with aim all day.

went mad places.

ate like fat kids at the "kuffka".

watched dane cook.

made a new friend, hillary.


had milkshakes at palace, and looked at the scene kids.
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9:21pm February 10th]
what would i do without diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper & turkey club wraps from wawa?

i just don't want to think about it.
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2:19pm February 10th]
so had work yesterday, it blew. then had field hockey, got a bit lost. we lost 12-9. fuck hammonton. i came home got sick, couldnt sleep, finally passed out and woke up in the middle of the night and got sick. so i didnt go to school today, i feel like complete shit. my mom says its the flu. blah. can't go to work today. there goes one day. i want to puke, on some one i hate.

7:36pm February 6th]
last night was fun.

lisa puked, ehh.

me britt & laur did shit to her when she slept.

i took 7 shots, like a muh fuckin champ.

we were all smashed.

it was fun.

le fin.

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